•Daddy’s lil girl•

I've always been closer to my dad. From going to that party or asking money for shopping, I always go to my dad first cause he is the one who usually says yes! 😋 He is the one who calls me every other hour when I'm away, to make sure I'm okay. He is the... Continue Reading →



"Stuck between two choices, Don't know what to do." Often in life we have to make choices. Some are easy, while others ain't. Some are taken by others and some ourselves. Some with heart and some not, some with mind, and heart forgot. Well I'm known for taking the worst decisions for myself. Every time... Continue Reading →

Its all about the small things!

Well its all about the small things, at least for me. Those random good morning, good night texts, to let the other person know you are remembered and cherished, or just a simple hello once in a while. Doesn't matter if you are new friends or old, what only matters is if you show some... Continue Reading →


How would you feel if the one you counted on rips you apart? The one you trust the most, leaves you stranded? The one you thought is your best friend, ditch you when he/she was your last hope? She felt devastated. Nothing would break her but the fact that she's willing to do anything, while... Continue Reading →

Isn’t everybody beautiful?

"You are beautiful" Don't you love hearing that? Obviously you do! Who doesn't like appreciations! Well, let me ask you something today. What is beauty according to you? Can we really define it? Or we just blindly follow the old concoctions passed down from generations? Big eyes, white skin, tall and slim? I'm sure many... Continue Reading →

No, it’s not love!

She stood there Waiting for infinite hours For him to come Silent and sad But he didn't care much Next day apologies And its all good again For her, he didn't care much Everyone warned her That he is wrong For her, for any girl But she stood by Stood by her love. But he... Continue Reading →

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