About me!

Wanderer. Artist. Photographer. Writer. Dreamer.

Hi guys 😀

I’m Riya Basu, a girl with big dreams and high hopes! Want to know more?  Read the following-

Foodaholic: I love to gorge on food! Be it in the streets or exploring new restaurants, I’m up to eat anytime, anywhere.
Shopaholic: The one thing where I cannot control myself. Online shopping, street shopping, window shopping or hopping to the mall, the word shopping and sale gets my heart all the time.
Traveler: Exploring new places, in and out of the city, with family, friends or just by myself, travelling is one of my sort after passions of all time!
Artist: I bleed on papers. When sad or happy, it is the only form I love expressing myself through. It doesn’t judge and that is why I love art- Be it words or colors or just doodling on a plain sheet of paper.
Well, now you must be wondering why a website?
See I love to write. I love trying out every random thing possible!
You’ll get an account of all the above in my blogs. And if you love to read or like to know about new places or products, I think you’ll like this site.
I’m here share my experiences with you; whether its food, travelling or any of my favourites! Catering to the day to day problems that we go through and some of my random ramblings to read. I’d make sure that you never get bored whenever you hit my world! Hope you’ll stick along 🙂

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