Why hide your pads?

Its 21st century and still we can’t say the word PERIOD in open, only in India! And I thought we are developing! The irony is, while women are encouraged to rise equal to their counterparts, we still have to hide our sanitary napkins in front of them. Be it while buying or just for carrying it to the washroom, we are ashamed of even carrying it in the open.
Women on their periods have been looked down upon since ages.
Don’t go the temple, they say, you are polluted.
Don’t sleep on the bed, they say, you are polluted.
Don’t go to the kitchen, they say, you are polluted.
What they don’t know is the logic behind all these practices that people used to practice in ancient times.
Don’t go to the temple-
Because a woman on her period absorbs all kinds energies very easily. While menstruating, the energy which is flowing inside her goes downwards, but the energy while worshipping goes upwards. Because of this clashing energies, women are advised not to visit temples or worship any god or goddesses during that period of time.
Don’t sleep on the bed-
This myth of not sleeping on beds actually originated from ancient times when women were given special huts during their periods, for them to be comfortable enough during that time. Not sleeping on bed presents women to be impure which is so not true!
Don’t go to the kitchen-
Again, eating and cooking were prohibited in ancient times because of the clash of energies in and around a menstruating woman. Also, the women earlier used to live in very large families. So, to prevent them from that hardship when they are relatively weak. But we signify it as women being polluted.
Since ages, these practices have changed, and reformed from the old. But in today’s world, most of us don’t see a bleeding women as sacred. Untouchability had its reasons in ancient times, but now the time has changed and perhaps, we need to change our principles as well.
It’s because of this cycle that women are able to give birth, and its so silly  that people used it to suppress women.
We have been taught to not be vocal about it, to feel ashamed about it. I ask why?
As a kid I used to rhyme all the advertisements as it came on TV. But whenever some “whisper” add used to come, my mom simply asked me to shut up. This, you see? This is what we need to stop. We as women, need to stop condemning ourselves and stand up for the facts. We are strong, and we should not feel ashamed of buying, carrying or saying that we are on our periods!

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