The women in black: Game of Thrones

So Game of Thrones has ended with a bang and sadly now we have to wait another year for that adrenaline action! But did you notice anything? The women of this show have been the craziest this season. Bravery, intelligence, sacrifice; my adjectives would fail to describe how intense their character were! Here are a few who stole our hearts this time-

Daenerys Targaryen: The mother of 3 superbly huge dragons, breaking the hearts of many, leaving sweet romance for a goal to achieve! Long may she reign!


Arya stark: My favorite! Calling her a little girl would not justify the intensity of her character. Determinant and smooth as she is, she has definitely managed to cross all of her list.arya

Brienne of Tarth: Bold and beautiful. The loyalty that she has shown is hard to compete with! “Ek bar Jo commitment kar di toh Mae apne aap ki bhi nhi sunta” suits her well.brienne

Sansa Stark: Subtle, but an extremely impressive character! Her clever presence of mind is the only thing that has saved our favorite Jon Snow this time!sansa

Yara Greyjoy: She is a true iron born. When her brother failed their family, she stood up for her kingdom; or should I say queendom?yara

Meera Reed: The one who saved the last heir of Ned Stark. If it would not have been for her, Bran would not have lived so far! Sacrifice and sensibility is what describes her the best.meera

Lyanna Mormount: Small but ain’t that sweet! This hero is a speaker who is hard to ignore. If she had 3 dragons by her side, GoT would have ended in two seasons alone!mormount

Cersie Lannister: The new queen of seven kingdoms, bold, bright and brilliant! Anybody who comes between her and her family, will definitely face the consequences. Such a bitch, but who cares!cersie

This season was full of amazing women and their heroism. These women are mighty brave, and yes, they are here to stay!
Long may they live, long may they conquer!

IMG_20160629_224735 (1)

Ps. All were wearing black in the last episode! 😍


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