The Day My Hair Turned Blue!

So I had been thinking about coloring my hair since quite a long time now, but I wanted to see how the color  suited me before going permanent. A friend of mine suggested hair colors that ain’t permanent, but those are also a hustle to use. Then I read about ‘hair chalks’ somewhere online and I eagerly wanted to try those as I could get a whole bunch of colors to choose from. But unfortunately, their reviews weren’t that great so I skipped those. For a blonde, they would work just fine but I have jet black hair :/ (Indian+Bengali) So nah, nah!

But nearly about a month ago, I heard about these hair sprays from Bblunt known as ‘One Night Stand’ which is so cool cause it would stay on your hair for only one night! I researched a bit about the product (Ok, I do it for almost everything alright) and ordered ‘blue velvet’ cause,uh, that’s my favorite! It had 4 more shades; pink, green, bronze and copper! But blue you see

I ordered it of Nykaa and as soon as I got the product, I tried it on. First, I styled my hair a little as I was going out with my friends and then sprayed the product on. Its really easy, you just have to shake the can, hold your hair, wear a protective gear to prevent staining your hands and clothes (I wore those plastic gloves you can get at any local store) and just spray on whatever part of your hair you want the color to be. I like color on my ends so i just sprayed it there. I then sealed the deal with some hair spray to make the color stay a little bit longer (read somewhere). By the end of it, my hair did look different. See?


Review: The bright royal blue color did show up on my hair but as time passed by, so did the color. If you run your fingers through your hair, you could see a little color stained on your hands. And don’t use any hair gel or serum afterwards because you’ll end up spoiling your hands + the color. If you want the color to be subtle, you can comb through your colored hair. For me, it just lasted for one day. I went out in the morning and by the end of the day, only a little amount of color was visible on my hair (practically nothing, but my mom has sharp eyes) . Also, it would make your hair really really dry, but it would be all fine once you wash it off. I have dry hair so I didn’t bother anyways :P. Plus, the awesome color you see right there is a sure shot win!


Reaction: Well, my mom freaked out, literally! “What the hell have you done with your hair!” were the first few words after looking at my blue version. But I kind of liked it. And so did my friends. It wasn’t just blonde, copper or brown, it was blue and that made me like it even more. It is not an usual color, and god knows I have a thing for the unusual.

You can find the product online easily for 300 bucks. I got it off Nykaa for 240 as they were having some sale going on. Though I wonder why did they not have Burgundy or Marsala cause those would have been such a hit! Nevertheless, these are worth a try!


Buy it here

Go on, try it and do let me know which one is your favourite color, okay?


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