Free, are you?

So its the 70th independence day of India tomorrow, but what about you? Do you think you’re free?

I’m a woman of India, but I don’t think I’m free.

I am 7 and I don’t like the color pink. I love to play with toy cars like my brother but my uncle got me a barbie, can you think?
I am 15 and I love playing cricket with my guy friends. My mum asks me not to, but I think I could make a name someday in the end.
I’m 19 and I feel conscious to wear short skirts or ripped jeans. I’m told not to cause that will only cause me trouble by all means.
I’m 23 but I can’t be out partying late. “The world is not good my dear girl, stay inside and be safe” they said.
I’m 26 but I can’t marry the one I love. My family would kill me for their honour that I had shove.
I’m 35 and I have two kids growing up today. All I wanted to be was a musician, thought the aching soul crushing away her passion in dismay.
I’m 50 and all I want to do is take some rest, but my family has grown bigger now, I’ve to take care of them instead.
I’m 65 and all I want to do is tell my younger self to break all rules and boundaries by herself. I want her to fall in love,  travel the world and explore all things old and new, and its okay if she doesn’t like the same things that her peers do. Its okay to be different but follow your passion far and true, people will judge you but who cares its your life and the one responsible for it should be just you.

Sure India came a long way since then, but somewhere in the middle, ‘Bhaarat Mata‘ was lost.


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