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Top 7 Budget Romantic Restaurants in Delhi

It's the end of the month, you are broke, but you really really want to take your bae out on a romantic date, what do you do? While we have heard of restaurants like FIO, Olive Bar & Kitchen, Lodhi- the garden restaurant which tops the list on google (and charge a bomb for a... Continue Reading →

Expressions Of Life

Hello there! I'm starting out a series called ExpreXbnw where I'll be talking about things you might already know, know but don't really accept or generally rant about my take on life. Join me with a cup of coffee to read, radiate and relax. Part 1: Happiness Hard to find, stays agile. Living for it, searching... Continue Reading →

Ritika & Rishabh: Pre-Wedding Shoot

From colleagues to friends, to best friends, to lovers, they have come a long long way, now on the verge of becoming life partners. Here's the story of Ritika and Rishabh, Of madness and maturity, Of fire and ice. Many congratulations and my best for their new journey ahead. Embarking a whole new phase of... Continue Reading →

Chapter 1: Rishikesh

“When you see it happening right in front of you, it's not easy, it's a feeling I would never want to experience again.” Night.0 : In bus, travelling from Delhi to Rishikesh. I was already tired because I went directly from office to board the bus. As it was my first trip sans family, I... Continue Reading →

The Day My Hair Turned Blue!

So I had been thinking about coloring my hair since quite a long time now, but I wanted to see how the color  suited me before going permanent. A friend of mine suggested hair colors that ain't permanent, but those are also a hustle to use. Then I read about 'hair chalks' somewhere online and... Continue Reading →

Free, are you?

So its the 70th independence day of India tomorrow, but what about you? Do you think you're free? I'm a woman of India, but I don't think I'm free. I am 7 and I don't like the color pink. I love to play with toy cars like my brother but my uncle got me a... Continue Reading →

Why hide your pads?

Its 21st century and still we can't say the word PERIOD in open, only in India! And I thought we are developing! The irony is, while women are encouraged to rise equal to their counterparts, we still have to hide our sanitary napkins in front of them. Be it while buying or just for carrying... Continue Reading →

The women in black: Game of Thrones

So Game of Thrones has ended with a bang and sadly now we have to wait another year for that adrenaline action! But did you notice anything? The women of this show have been the craziest this season. Bravery, intelligence, sacrifice; my adjectives would fail to describe how intense their character were! Here are a... Continue Reading →

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